SCI 220 Week 2 WileyPLUS Weekly Exam

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SCI 220 Week 2 WileyPLUS Weekly Exam
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SCI 220 Week 2 WileyPLUS Weekly Exam

In this graded assignment, you are assessed on the content covered in this weeks’ readings, activities, and assignments. To help you prepare, it is recommended that you first complete this week’s Learning Path and Self-Test Learning Activities prior to completing this exam.

Click on the Assignments link in WileyPLUS to access the Week 2 Exam.

Complete the Week 2 Exam covering this week’s assigned readings listed below:

  • Ch. 4: Carbohydrates: Sugars, Starches, and Fibers
  • Ch. 5: Lipids, Fats, Phospholipids, and Sterols
  • Ch. 6: Proteins and Amino Acids

Note. Work submitted in WileyPLUS does not count toward attendance. Be sure to post at least two times each week in the online classrom to avoid being auto-dropped from the course.

Test Bank, Question 68

Your answer is correct.

All of the following statements are true about the typical US diet and carbohydrate recommendations EXCEPT:

Adults typically eat the recommended amount of fiber.


Most adults meet the recommendations for the amount of carbohydrate they should have each day.


Most of the carbohydrate in the diet comes from refined carbohydrate sources.


The diet is higher in added sugar than is recommended.



Test Bank, Question 50

Your answer is correct.

When there is not sufficient carbohydrate to completely metabolize fatty acids, these molecules form:

amino acids.


carbon dioxide.





Test Bank, Question 18

Your answer is correct.

Which of the following is a major dietary source of soluble fiber?







Wheat bran



Pre-Lecture, Question 19

Your answer is correct.

Positive nitrogen balance:

occurs when more nitrogen is excreted than consumed


indicates that the body is losing weight


occurs when the body is growing


does not exist since nitrogen intake always equals nitrogen output



Test Bank, Question 21

Your answer is correct.

Which type of complex carbohydrates are depicted in the visual?

Insoluble fiber




Soluble fiber


Starch and Soluble fiber



Test Bank, Question 29

Which of the following statements regarding the incidence of lactose intolerance is incorrect?

Native Alaskans have the lowest incidence of lactose intolerance.


This map illustrates the dramatic variation in the incidence of lactose intolerance worldwide.


Different races and ethnicities have varying rates of incidence of lactose intolerance.


Those living in South America have the lower incidence of lactose intolerance than those living in southern Africa.



Test Bank, Question 56

Your answer is correct.

Your friend Jason has diabetes and developed hypoglycemia. Of the following situations, which is the most likely reason why he developed hypoglycemia?

He ate too much refined carbohydrate.


He drank too much water.


He took too much of his medication that is used to control his blood sugar.


It was probably warm outside and he sweat excessively.



Test Bank, Question 64

Your answer is correct.

_____fiber lowers blood cholesterol levels.










Test Bank, Question 29

Your answer is correct.

Which two lipoproteins deliver triglycerides to body cells?

Chylomicrons & VLDL









Test Bank, Question 119

Your answer is correct.

One egg contains __ % of the daily recommendation for cholesterol intake.










Test Bank, Question 121

Your answer is correct.

Which of the following foods is lowest in saturated fat?

Whole milk




Cheddar cheese





Test Bank, Question 28

Your answer is correct.

The remains of chylomicrons:

are converted into glycerol


bind to an LDL receptor


consist mostly of free fatty acids


travel to the liver to be disassembled



Test Bank, Question 5

Your answer is correct.

The lipid that makes up most of the lipids in our body is:










Test Bank, Question 12

Your answer is correct.

Which of the following is not a tropical oil?

Coconut oil


Palm kernel oil


Palm oil


Safflower oil



Test Bank, Question 20

Your answer is correct.

After long-chain fatty acids have been absorbed into the mucosal cells, they are re-assembled into:



fat-soluble vitamins







Test Bank, Question 118

Your answer is correct.

When weight is gained, how does it affect the tissue cells that are illustrated in this micrograph?

Photo credits: (left) Karen Kasmauski/NG Image Collection, (right) Ed Reschke/Peter Arnold, Inc.

The triglyceride droplets enlarge in size.


The triglyceride droplets increase in number.


The triglyceride droplets remain unchanged.


The triglyceride droplets shrink in size.




Test Bank, Question 25

Your answer is correct.

Since chylomicrons are too large to enter the capillaries in the small intestine, they pass into the:



large intestine







Test Bank, Question 53

Your answer is correct.

Which of the following is NOT a common food allergen?





Low-fat milk


Wheat germ



Test Bank, Question 69

Your answer is correct.

Which of the following is the most likely responsible for the health-promoting effects (reduced incidence of obesity, high blood pressure, and some types of cancer) of vegetarian diets?

High intake of fiber


High intake of tofu


Low intake of sodium


The total dietary pattern



Test Bank, Question 42

Your answer is correct.

Marasmus is a form of malnutrition that negatively impacts which of the following developing organs the worst?

The brain


The liver


The kidneys


The teeth



Test Bank, Question 19

Your answer is correct.

_________ , an enzyme, is produced in the stomach and breaks some of the peptide bonds in polypeptide chains.








Test Bank, Question 45

Your answer is correct.

Why is protein-energy malnutrition more common in children than adults?

The child’s stomach cannot digest protein from the diet.


Adults eat protein sources from the diet that have a higher absorption rate.


Because children are growing, their protein needs per unit body weight are higher.


Children do not eat enough total calories so that protein must be used as an energy source.



Test Bank, Question 14

Your answer is correct.

The three-dimensional shape of a protein is impacted by all of the following EXCEPT the

chemical properties of the amino acids.


folding of the polypeptide.


number of essential amino acids.


order of the amino acids.



Test Bank, Question 24

Review where digestive processes of protein occur. Select the letter that indicates where protein-digesting enzymes are released from this organ, which aids brush border enzymes to breakdown protein.










Test Bank, Question 10

Your answer is correct.

If the diet is deficient in one or more of the _____amino acids, the body must break down existing proteins to provide the amino acids.