HCR 201 Week 5 Signature Assignment: Comprehensive Coding Worksheet

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HCR 201 Week 5 Signature Assignment: Comprehensive Coding Worksheet
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HCR 201 Week 5 Signature Assignment: Comprehensive Coding Worksheet

Complete the University of Phoenix Materials: Comprehensive Coding Worksheet.

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Comprehensive Coding Worksheet


Complete Parts A through D of this worksheet.


Resources: Medical Insurance: An Integrated Claims Process Approach textbook, CMS.gov and internet coding resources.





Complete the tables below.


Determine a diagnosis code for the following case studies and include your reference.


Case StudyDiagnosis Code or Resource
1.     Patient presents to ER with severe abdominal pain. Patient had coffee ground emesis. The diagnosis was determined to be gastritis with bleeding. 
2.     During the initial visit to the ER, a 14 year old presents with anaphylaxis after eating a peanut butter cookie. The diagnosis is anaphylactic shock from peanuts. 
3.     10 year old sees her pediatrician for an ear piercing for her birthday. The diagnosis is encounter for health service for piercing. 
4.     80 year old is evaluated for some memory loss without any behavior changes. The diagnosis is unspecified dementia without behavioral disturbance. 





Highlight the correct diagnosis code:


1.    Unspecified open wound of right great toe with damage to nail, initial visit.A.    S91.34
B.    S91.30
C.    S91.201A
D.    S91.22
2.    Insect bite, nonvenomous of right forearm, Subsequent visit.A.    S50.861D
B.    S50.871
C.    S51.051
D.    S50.862
3.    Other acute osteomyelitis, unspecified siteA.    M86.30
B.    M86.17
C.    M86.14
D.    M86.10
4.    Benign neoplasm right ovaryA.    D27.9
B.    D27.0
C.    D26.0
D.    D27.1
5.    Other specified arthritis, right shoulderA.    M13.811
B.    M13.111
C.    M13.119
D.    M12.811






Highlight the correct HCPCS code:


HCPCS codesCode
1.    Injection Digoxin up to 0.5mgA.  J1160
B.  J1117
C.  J1162
D.  J0775
2.    Electrode transducer for use with electrical stimulation device used for cancer treatment, replacement onlyA.  A4658
B.  A4604
C.  A4555
D.  A4606
3.    Power wheelchair component, actuator, replacement only.A.  E2378
B.  E2384
C.  E2328
D.  E2358
4.    Adhesive remover, wipes, any type eachA.  A4510
B.  A4455
C.  A4450
D.  A4456
5.    Syringe with needle sterile, 1 cc or less each.A.  A4244
B.  A4210
C.  A4206
D.  A4211